Addressing your legal needs: Results from the recent Cullen Macleod Lawyers Legal Survey

Thank you to all those participants who recently took part in our short legal survey by sharing their insights and requirements. Delving into the legal challenges faced by WBN members, the data shows a significant portion, 40%, encountered legal hurdles in the last year. These challenges varied widely, underscoring the diverse legal landscape in which today’s businesses operate. 

  1.  Contract disputes emerged as a common issue, reflecting the complexities of modern business agreements and the need for clear legal guidance in drafting and executing contracts. 
  2.  Succession + Estate were also mentioned as people look to plan for the future both in regards to their business as well as their personal matters.
  3.  Employment matters also featured prominently, highlighting the necessity for employers to navigate employment laws and regulations effectively. 
  4.  Real estate transactions, family law matters, and debt recovery were also reported, each presenting unique obstacles that require specialised legal expertise. 

The survey findings underscore the importance of comprehensive legal services that can adapt to the multifaceted nature of these challenges, providing support that is as varied as the problems business owners face.

How is Cullen Macleod Lawyers responding?

Armed with insights from the WBN Legal Survey, we are excited to announce the launch of dedicated initiatives designed to empower business owners with proactive and practical legal guidance. We invite our members to take full advantage of these tools as they steer their businesses toward success.

Upcoming Legal Workshops Schedule

Stay ahead of legal complexities by attending our series of workshops, meticulously planned to cover pertinent topics such as contract law, real estate transactions, and employment regulations. These interactive sessions, led by expert legal professionals, provide a platform for deepening your understanding and equipping your business with strategies to mitigate legal risks. We are finalising the calendar and locations – more information to follow.

WBN Legal Guidance Hotline

We understand that legal questions can arise at any moment. That’s why we are thrilled to provide the WBN Legal Guidance Hotline—a dedicated service for on-demand legal advice. Whether you are dealing with contract negotiations, seeking clarification on compliance matters, or facing a pressing legal issue, our hotline is your first point of contact for quick, reliable counsel. Simply dial in and let our team of seasoned legal advisors provide the guidance you need, when you need it. Call 08 9389 3999.

Legal expertise in your inbox: the WBN Newsletter

Get the latest legal insights delivered straight to your inbox with articles featured in the WBN Newsletter. Prepared by our team of experienced lawyers these articles address the evolving needs and interests highlighted in the survey—from debtor management techniques to best practices in occupational health and safety. By subscribing to our newsletter, you’ll gain ongoing access to valuable legal tips and updates that keep you informed and prepared.

From participating in our workshops to using the hotline for immediate guidance or absorbing knowledge from our newsletter articles, every resource is at your disposal. We look forward to supporting all WBN members going forward.