All businesses can access the WBN Business Solutions services delivered by the WBN Team and our Partners.


WBN SEED is designed for those who would like to start a business or already have a business that is in its early stages. It is a full day workshop which will give you a comprehensive introduction to starting and growing an early stage business in the Wheatbelt.

Registration: Mar/ July 2022.

 Event is being run on Friday the 22nd of July 2022 in Quairading.

  • turn your idea into a reality
  • take your early stage business to the next level.
  • get your business ready for growth
  • grow your skills as an early stage business owner
  • develop the networks, tools and support systems critical to the success of a new venture


WBN GROW is a tailored made growth program for established businesses. WBN GROW is designed to solve a distinct problem or create a specific system to help you and your business grow. With accountability and guidance of a 1:1 mentor; WBN GROW will support you as you build a business that works.
Applications open July 2022
First round: from August 2022

  • understand where your business is ‘right now’.
  • introduce ‘Big Picture’ thinking into your business mindset
  • articulate your ‘Big Picture’ direction
  • build a business that works
  • develop a systems approach to running your business
  • get your business ‘strategically ready’ for growth.
  • implement the critical changes needed to overcome barriers to growth.


WBN SURGE is a transformational business full day workshop designed to build innovation capability and growth in established businesses with high-growth potential. WBN SURGE connects Wheatbelt entrepreneurs with the expertise, experience and tools to translate innovative ideas into commercial outcomes that create high growth businesses.

Registration: Mar/July 2022

 Event is being run on Friday the 22nd of July 2022 in Quairading.


  • identify the barriers to business expansion
  • explore your business model challenges
  • learn to recognise innovative ideas and how to implement them
  • design Innovation strategies
  • understand successful easy-to-adopt commercialisation principles
  • prepare your business to attract innovation investment
  • Learn the principles of exporting and where to get help with entering interstate and international markets.

Jason and Ebony Gard

Dowerin Engineering Works

Jason and I have utilised WBNs “Business Solutions” for almost a year now and have found it to be a positive and beneficial experience for our business. Amanda was able to take a “birds eye view” of our business and help us to focus on key elements and how we could improve them. We have really enjoyed our quarterly sessions and being able to utilise Amanda’s experience, knowledge and insights into running a small business in regional WA. We would recommend this service to any small business. I am grateful that we were able to access such a professional service in the Wheatbelt.

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  • Enter the number of years your business has been operating for.
  • Please let us know any additional information pertaining to your business and also the best time to contact you to discuss your participation in GROW.

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