Jill from the Quairading CRC is a fantastic champion of Wheatbelt CRCs, leading by example! The CRC is an enthusiastic team of Quairading locals focused on delivering fantastic events and meeting community needs with proactive initiatives.


How do you invest in yourself, as a business owner?

I make sure to grab learning opportunities and use them to challenge my views, beliefs and practices. I always either learn something new that I can bring back to my team, or am positively reassured that we were doing good in the first place. Either way it contributes to improvements within our organisation and confidence in our service delivery.


How do you connect with businesses in your town?

While email is just my favourite method of communication (because it documents itself as you go!) there’s really nothing better than going and visiting business owners in person – I gain far more insight and understanding from being present in their environment. A chat over a cold beer never goes astray too – that’s what we call networking, right?


What is the one thing your business is known for?

We’re known for top-notch, on-point, well planned events and professional and efficient print and copy services.


What motivated you to join the WBN?

Joining WBN was an incredibly easy (and cheap!) way to support an organisation giving so much support and advice to businesses in the Wheatbelt – including us!


What membership benefit do you most value / use?

The access to real, Wheatbelt based experts with contacts all across the regional. Their knowledge shared through regular email updates, networking events or in response to our specific business queries is incredibly beneficial.



Connect with the Quairading CRC:

Website: www.quairading.crc.net.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/quairadingcrc