Brookton Community Resource Centre

Brookton Community Resource Centre

Brookton Community Resource Centre The Brookton Community Resource Centre is a Non-for Profit Organisation committed to providing Social and Economic opportunities to the Community of Brookton and its surrounds.

We are run by a volunteer Management Committee and staffed by paid employees as well as volunteers. The Brookton Community Resource Centre is a key community hub – and aims to be a ‘link’ organisation connecting the community with government, business and education services and opportunities. We aim to ‘fill the gaps’ for services that aren’t provided within our community.

These may be essential services or those that enhance community living and build capacity through training and leisure-based courses providing an opportunity for social interaction.

We provide access to government services and promote and reinforce what assistance is available locally from State and Federal Government.

We leverage off the CRC brand to be known as the “go to” place within the community. As a link organisation we provide services under three Service Level Outcomes. Through operating in a business-like manner, we generate enough income to provide for the social aspects of our operations, and to move toward a self-determined future.

We provide the community with access to the broad range of government services available – either online, via access points, or through face to face services. We use our partnerships to assist local business and be a key local business.

We provide human resources to the community, and through our promotional activities help keep our community spirit alive and thriving. Note: Website address provided is being launch by the end of July 2020.