Dowerin Community Resource Centre

Dowerin Community Resource Centre

The Dowerin Community Resource Centre is a community owned business that provides business and government services to the community. The Dowerin Community Resource Centre is your one stop shop in the Dowerin Community.

To provide training opportunities and access regarding information technology for all members of the community whether they be youth, low income earners, disabled or seniors.

To improve access to economic, employment and social opportunities. To encourage the social development of Dowerin through providing resources, information and communication services.

To ensure all members of the community have access to information technology services.

To encourage members of the community to be actively involved in the management of a resource for the community. We want to ensure that the centre is effective and remains community owned and managed.

To provide a wide range of resources to the community to suit all different needs.

To remain the hub of the Dowerin community that everyone supports. We are a central information point for the whole community.

To promote the network in a positive light, and at every chance, we get let our name be known and what capabilities we have as a network.

To work together as a community and to work towards building a bigger and brighter future for our community and generations to come.

With the continued support and funding from the Department, we are looking forward to giving as much as possible back to our community.