Jorobi Natural Fertiliser

Jorobi Natural Fertiliser

982 Dalwallinu W Rd, Dalwallinu WA 6609

Jorobi Natural Fertiliser produce Certified Organic, Controlled Microbial Compost (CMC) which is humified, aerobic, fully mature and premium quality.

Jorobi Natural Fertiliser was initially developed in search of a biological alternative to synthetic fertiliser and chemical use in our wheat and sheep farming practice. We believe improved soil management, including the use of good quality compost, will play an important role in improving WA soil health into the future.

Jorobi Compost is a scientifically proven, environmentally friendly, sustainable product we are proud to call our own. After developing our product to an extremely high standard with excellent results, we chose to lease the farm in 2015 and concentrate on the commercial production of our compost. We produce premium products for agricultural and domestic use.

We are a family owned and operated business located on our farm in Dalwallinu, Western Australia. We are 4th generation of the local pioneering Harris family.