WBN Members throughout the Wheatbelt

Supporting The Region

We believe all Wheatbelt businesses should look within the region first for suppliers of their goods and services.

We have an internal review process that puts our members at the top of our procurement policy, followed by others in the region, and lastly we look outside of the Wheatbelt.

We encourage you to follow this best practice approach and support the region in which you operate!

Our Policy

  • The WBN will only source products and services from its members.
  • Where no member offers the product or service required at the time or within our budget then the WBN will purchase from another Wheatbelt based business in the first instance.
  • Where the value of an individual contract for goods or services has a value (or annual value) more than $1500 procurement will be by competitive quotes – up to 3. All members will be given an opportunity to submit quotes to provide goods and services in their field of operation under this circumstance – a request will be placed in e-news and our website. It will be the responsibility of the member to check these communication channels regularly. Information supplied by members quoting will remain confidential.