Renewal Instructions

Renewal Email

As a member of the Wheatbelt Business Network (WBN) you will be emailed a reminder email regarding the renewal of your membership subscription close to the due date of your account.

The table below is our follow up sequence to your specified email on your account.

Day Reminder Title
Before Subscription Expires
Before Subscription Expires
Before Subscription Expires
After Subscription Expires
After Subscription Expires
After Subscription Expires
After Subscription Expires (Final Email Reminder)

Step 1:

An email will be sent to you for the renewal period.

It will specify how many days until the subscription expires as well as the expiry date.

Please click on the “renew it today” button in your email to renew your membership with the Wheatbelt Business Network (WBN).

You will need to log into your account on the WBN website.

If you’re unsure of your password, please click on the “LOST YOUR PASSWORD?” button to reset your password.

Renewal Instructions 1

Step 2:

Once logged into your WBN account, you will be presented with your account renewal price, the option to join the Wheatbelt Business Network Newsletter.

Click on the “Join Now” button to renew your subscription.

Renewal Instructions 2

Step 3:

You’ll be presented with a summary of payment for your renewal of your WBN account.

Please ensure that your membership subscription level and price is correct in the description, amount and total columns.

Click on the “SUBMIT” button to be redirected to STRIPE (Our payment processor) to enter your credit card details to make payment.

Renewal Instructions 3