Local Jobs Program Update – supporting employers and candidates in Northam

Recently two Local Job Program Activities, The Wanderer Program and Solid Foundations have commenced in the Wheatbelt.

The Wanderer Program includes mentoring and support to learner drivers to achieve their driver’s license and enter the workforce. The driver-mentor team (from the McGovern Foundation) are available weekly to support referred participants in the region, with this program being offered in Northam and Narrogin.

Meanwhile, Solid Foundations has completed its first intake in Northam, with a second intake planned for early 2023. The five-day program, for Indigenous participants, includes three days of soft skills and employment skills training by Aboriginal mentors, to explore and address barriers to employment. This is followed by two days of work site visits to help participants learn about a range of available job pathways and set some goals moving forward.

The individual participants in this first cohort benefited from the opportunity to take some practical steps in their job search journey including:

  • Addressing missing ID documents (missing ID can hinder individuals from achieving a driver’s license, enrolling in study and accessing services)
  • Updating their resume
  • Discussing different local job pathways
  • Applying for jobs online (with a coach’s help)

These activities are also offering Northam employers the opportunity to connect with candidates. In preparing for the Solid Foundations program, the Local Jobs Program team approached employers who exhibited at the WA Avon Jobs Connect Expo, held in May, to nominate for work site visits.

In the Wanderer Program, the driver instructor-mentors will work with the Local Jobs team and the AtWork employment service team to match individual candidates with job and training pathways which are right for them.

“It is important to us to offer ongoing opportunities to employers to connect with job candidates, so it’s been great to have these activities in place to offer these opportunities”, commented Emma Everett, Employment Facilitator for the Local Jobs Program.

“The activities also help job candidates who are currently out of work to gain some new skills, and to better prepare to meet workplace expectations, which helps the candidate and the employer to achieve a positive outcome.”

The WBN is proud to hold the contract for the Great Southern Wheatbelt region of the Program, which is aligned with our broader advocacy for employers’ workforce needs in the Wheatbelt region.

The Local Jobs Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

For more information visit https://www.dewr.gov.au/local-jobs-program/employment-facilitators/western-australia/great-southern-wheatbelt or contact Emma Everett, Employment Facilitator, on emma.everett@gswlocaljobs.com.au or 0478 595 635.