One View of Resilience

One View of Resilience

Resilience is all about how we tackle life and its hurdles.

At Rural West, we frequently work with farming and business families where unexpected events create financial difficulties. In many of these cases, we find that the unexpected events are almost always interspersed with other challenges – creating a complex situation.

We’ve learned a thing or two about complex situations from our countless interactions with clients. If we could offer just one piece of advice, it would be this: Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back, it’s about the strategy used to handle challenges.

Planning & advice

While planning for disaster events is important, explaining or planning for every detail of a situation or all possible situations is rarely easy. Often, a situation’s complexity is part of what stops people from finding a solution, even when they have previously resolved many obstacles they have faced in their business and personal lives.

Chatting with a specialist can often shed light on your circumstances, but it’s crucial to remember that uncovering the perfect fix for your unique situation should always include a mix of professional advice and your own viewpoint and initiative to tackle issues.

Resilience-based strategy

Rural West utilises a resilience-based approach drawing inspiration from counselling techniques, where everyone involved is part of identifying the path forward… even though it might not be immediately apparent.

No one knows the challenges you and your business face better than you do. That’s why you are the best person to develop the solution that works for you. Let’s face it, who else could understand the nitty-gritty details and navigate the nuances to craft a perfect solution?

You have the power and the possibility to transform your situation!

At Rural West, we believe that every challenge has a story. A tale that is told again and again, making it the main narrative or dominant story. Yet, what’s easy to miss is that there’s always more than one way to perceive a situation. There are other stories, other angles, waiting to be explored. These other narratives could be the keys to understanding why a problem is so tough to crack.

Diving into various perspectives often leads to the discovery of fresh concepts that may have previously slipped under the radar. This can also cause you to evaluate things in a new light. One thing’s for certain, solutions can always be found.

We see resilience as a way of dealing with challenges in such a way that the very act of facing them is pivotal to finding these solutions.

Often, life’s problems can feel like an intricate maze, where understanding the actual issue at hand seems more like solving a complex puzzle. But within that convoluted mess, lies the key to a successful resolution. It’s all about interaction and approach. Our ability to rebound is defined by how we handle life’s hitches, and at Rural West, we believe everyone has the power to bounce back, to find clarity amidst confusion, and to find solutions within problems.

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